Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Buffalo Tofu w/Vegan Ranch

Buffalo Tofu w/Vegan Ranch


Buffalo Tofu
Firm Tofu
Hot Sauce (we like Tapatio)
Earth Balance
Bread Crumbs
Garlic Powder

Vegan Ranch
(Mix together)
Vegenaise (1/2 cup)
Garlic Powder (2 tspns)
Onion Powder (1 tspn)
Parsley Flakes (to taste)
Salt/Pepper (to taste)

Fresh Carrots/Celery

I invited my beautiful wife, Jenifer, to help put this one together. Jen says this is her favorite tofu recipe! Here it is...

1. Prepare tofu by slicing lengthwise and drying with paper towels and/or dish towels. The more water you can soak out of the tofu, the better it will be to work with. (We slice it and wrap it in paper towels, then place a heavy object on it like a couple glass plates.)  After the tofu is dried out a bit, you can cube it with a knife for the recipe.

Dried/Cubed Firm Tofu

2. Prepare marinade by melting 2 large spoonfuls of Earth Balance vegan margarine in a pan and adding hot sauce. Some like it hot?

3. Either roll the tofu cubes in the warm marinade OR let them sit in the marinade for an hour if you LIKE IT HOT!

4. Roll the tofu cubes in breadcrumbs with some garlic powder.

5. Bake tofu at 375 for 25-35 mins.

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