Saturday, September 24, 2011

Replacement Products (1)

One of the first things you can do to improve your diet, is replace products you currently use with more healthier I'll list items with their healthy-version so you can simply choose one product over another at the grocery store this week.

Common Product                     Jerry Product

Mayonnaise                                 Vegenaise

Best Mayo EVER

 You can use this just as you would Miracle Whip or mayonnaise. This is readily available in Sprouts and Whole Foods. You can sometimes find it at regular grocery stores. I couldn't find it at my local store so I told the manager and they stock it now. Vegenaise...can't live without it.

Butter/Margarine                        Earth Balance

Don't believe me? Try a taste test.... This stuff melts and bakes better
than any other margarine. And real butter is so gross, I don't wish to remember how it tastes. Earth Balance baby! (They have it at my Walmart...seriously.)

Snack Bar                                  Clif Mojo

It's all about the Mountain Mix! I don't go anywhere without my Mountain Mix Mojo... the protein is found in those nuts friends. Love it. Oh, by the way...I run 20 hours eating these! Get some!

Ice Cream                                  So Delicious Coconut    

You can't live without ice cream! It's a "sometimes food" in my house but OMG, love this stuff. Don't eat from a pink cow udder, please...

Pizza                                          Amy's No-Cheese

I bet Amy is smokin-hot....after all, she's a vegetarian with a sexy name!  Pretty much anything she makes is quality and oh-so-good. You can always add your favorite goodies to Amy's pizza.... ready in 12 minutes. Had one tonight.

Hamburger                                 Garden Burger 'Veggie Medley'

Anybody that says they don't like veggie burgers hasn't had one in at-least 10 years.  The veggie burger coalition has taken this health friendly sect beyond your wildest imagination. This 'veggie medley' flavor is one of our favorites for taste. It doesn't have a ton of protein, so it would be really good for snack if you run like I do. Or, for some, it would serve as a full meal. If you want to feel full like you just dropped $200 at Claim Jumper, try this veggie burger
Friends, we can ALL eat healthier. But,  these products above help me eat satisfying quick meals that are still quite healthy. If you haven't tried these I suggested, then I encourage you to do so as they will supplement your effort to make nutritious and colorful decisions for you and your family. This is just the beginning...

In health,


  1. Incredible night tonight Jerry. Unfortunately, I don't think that I fully absorbed some of the items that we talked about. As I sort through all the conversations I will be hitting you up for more information. It was absolutely amazing! Thank you!

  2. One of the products that Jerry taught myself and Kristina is Seitan. It is a great thing! Today I made myself a sandwich that was incredible. I took the Setitan, chopped in some onion and garlic, sprayed a saute pan with olive oil and then chop cooked it like a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich (just no cheese and I didnt have any peppers). Added some salt and pepper and Voila! It really was very very good. Jerry and i also talked about making a vegan Hot Wing sauce today and how that might work. I also think that left as strips and with a little Panko type of breading and a little creativity, they might do great for the kids as replacement chicken strips....